The smaller the campsite, the fewer the rules, the more the freedom…

Whether you’re a hiker, biker, cyclist or rock climber we have endless routes, tracks, trails and crags right on our doorstep in
the Majella National Park, and the beautiful Adriatic coastline is just a short hop and a skip away.

Between us, we have a fair amount of experience of climbing, mountain biking, cycle touring, hiking, triathlon and skiing. We live a
self-sufficient, minimal impact lifestyle and would love to share all this with like-minded people.

With Kokopelli Camping we are free from manicured plots, boundaries or uniformity – just pick your view, pitch your tent, explore,
 chill, relax. If you haven’t got a tent, or can’t fit it in your suitcase, just use one of our other fabulous options:

Self-catering rooms

Glamping in beautiful canvas bell tents

Town House 


Click here for more information:  Tent free travel




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